GameBench is a benchmarking company that focuses mainly on the gaming performance of different smartphones. It had recently carried out a benchmark test on the iPhone 6, the Galaxy S6, the HTC One M9 and the Google Nexus 6 to check which device is the best smartphone for gaming. The winner? The iPhone 6 outshined the others.

GameBench’s report revealed the firm used high-end games like “GTA: San Andreas,” “Mountain Valley,” “Kill Shot," “Asphalt 2,” “Marvel: Contest of Champions” and several others to gauge stability. The average frames rate was calculated on all four devices, with the iPhone 6 churning out a higher frame rate of 30 fps, with the rate rarely falling below that.

The iPhone 6 was praised for producing console-like gaming performance. The evaluation also revealed the next best smartphone for gaming is the Galaxy S6. The iPhone 6 is powered by the Apple A8 chipset comprised of a dual-core processor that works at 1.4 GHz along with PowerVR GX6450 graphics. The chipset is supported by 1 GB of RAM.

Even though the Samsung’s flagship tried to produce 30 fps, there were several occasions when gaming stability was affected. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is powered by the Exynos 7420 chipset that features a 64-bit octa-core processor that also includes Mali-T760P8 graphics. It is supported by 3 GB of RAM.

The HTC One M9 and the Google Nexus 6 could not handle high-end games very well. One needs to be aware of the fact the same gaming titles produced varied performance on iOS and Android platforms. The variation was primarily based on how the games have been optimized by the developer in terms of setting a maximum frame rate, limitation on screen resolution and rendering quality, Apple Insider reported.