The new seventh generation of iPod Nano, despite being so small, was given one of the biggest transformations at Apple's Let's Talk iPhone event on Tuesday.

Here's what is different:

Design: It's still tiny and chopped in half, but the device can now double up as a watch with much bolder and brighter app icons, making it easier to navigate through playlists, artists and genius mixes while listening to tracks.

Clock-Face Designs: The new nano comes with 18 different clock faces including Disney's Minnie and Mickey mouse.

Fitness Feature: No need to attach anything onto the device to keep track of your fitness efforts, the Nano does that for you with a built in accelerometer that offers feedback on your fitness. The Nano is also Nike + iPod compatible allowing you to connect your Nano to your computer and upload your results to the Nike + Web site.  

Apple also released a software update for the iPod Nano sixth generation, which adds the bigger app icons and new clock faces to the older model. The sixth generation iPod Nano software update is free and available through the iTunes application on Mac or Windows computers.

Apple's seventh generation iPod Nano is available in the U.S. in an 8GB capacity for $129 and a 16GB capacity for $149.