Iran said its neighbors should get first crack at investing in the country now that it has been opened to international investment following the agreement with six world powers on the Tehran's nuclear program. President Hassan Rouhani said numerous companies had expressed willingness to invest in Iran after the nuclear agreement was reached with France, China, Russia, Germany, the U.K. and the United States in July.

“It is obvious that [Iran’s] neighboring countries including the Republic of Azerbaijan are prioritized in this regard,” Press TV quoted the Iranian president as saying following a meeting between Rouhani and Shahin Mustafayev, Azeri minister of economy and industry, in Tehran Tuesday.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was finalized in the Austrian capital of Vienna, promisjng to remove sanctions against the Islamic Republic and allow it to revitalize its economy through international collaboration.

Rouhani said that Iran’s ties with Azerbaijan would allow the two countries to grow together. “The two countries enjoy myriad potentialities in different sectors to broaden more than ever their relations and cooperation,” he said.

TIME reported Iran had allowed the BBC to report in the country for the first time in six years. Iran’s Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry spokesman Hossein Noushabadi, however, said the BBC would only be allowed to report on nuclear issues.

The BBC correspondent in Tehran was expelled in 2009 after reporting on the unrest in the country after the presidential election.