Iran may soon buy new planes to modernize and expand its aging fleet. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani indicated that it would be possible to buy new airplanes after the sanctions were lifted.

The official IRNA news agency reported that the achievements in Vienna had been beyond the nuclear agreement. He said late Wednesday that Iranian negotiators had managed to remove aviation sanctions.

While the Iranian president did not elaborate how the removal of aviation sanctions would help the country, Transportation Minister Abbas Akhoundi said that talks with aviation companies were on.

ABC News reported that Iran had talks with Airbus and Boeing. The transportation minister said that the initial agreements should be ready in a few months. Akhoundi said that the government would provide new aircraft for the country.

The historic deal between Iran and six world powers is projected to be highly beneficial for both parties. While Iran will now enjoy the removal of sanctions to boost its economy, Western forces are believed to have eliminated the threat of the Islamic republic achieving a nuclear weapon.

The removed sanctions include those on Iran’s financial and energy sectors. Iran has not been able to buy Western aircrafts due to international sanctions. It has been increasingly difficult for Iran to maintain safety while flying with aging Airbuses and Boeings.