Arts, Culture & Festivals

From the fire of the festival to the lure of literature, the island of Ireland boasts a rich tapestry of arts and cultural activities

Festivals of culture
As the Irish people have a genuine sense of fun, they invented a festival to celebrate all sorts of occasions – the least you can do is join in…

  • Festivals
  • Festivals

looking for a good excuse to have a festival, the Irish now celebrate
everything from literary pursuits to a love of oysters

Musical traditions
From impromptu sessions in your local bar to the thrilling beat of U2, Ireland has always been home to the best sounds of music

  • Musical
  • Musical

you want to mosh with the best of them in an outdoor field, or stroke
your chin to a spot of jazz in a salubrious club, music is at the heart
of social life in Ireland. 

Buskers line the streets,
festivals set small towns and villages ablaze and traditional music
sessions entertain revelers in pubs across the country. 

afield, Ireland’s massive musical successes include some bands and
artists you may have heard of…U2, The Corrs, Enya, Westlife, Snow
Patrol, Ash, David Holmes, Van Morrison and The Thrills, to name just a

Gardens & Nature

From the breathtaking drop of the Cliffs of Moher to the crafted elegance of stately homes, Ireland is truly nature’s best friend

The Emerald Gardens

With finely crafted lawns, exquisite flowers and impressive
fountains and ponds, Ireland’s stately homes host the best in
world-class horticulture

Garden Tour Suggestions

With such an array of spectacular gardens to explore, be sure to map out your visit so you don’t miss out on the best bits

The Natural Wonders

See the Irish landscape as nature intended with trips to some of the most stunning natural wonders in the world

Eco Friendly Visitor

No matter where you go around the island of Ireland, you’ll be
treated to a spectacular landscape made all the more welcoming by the
people who live in the communities.

History & Heritage

Dramatically shaped by heroic events through the centuries, Ireland has a fascinating heritage just waiting to be discovered


Whether crawling through centuries-old ruins or relaxing in 5-star luxury, Ireland’s castles pay homage to the inhabitants of times past

  • Castles
  • Castles

is as famous for its castles as for it's Guinness. Dotted around the
land, these monuments to the past contain their own dark secrets and a
trip through the Midlands gives a dramatic taste of treachery and

As the writer Frank O’Connor said, “It would take
more than one lifetime to discover the reason for all the ruins
in Ireland, but it sure makes for a diverting tour of discovery trying
at least to scratch the surface.”

Ancient monuments
With a phenomenal array of historical attractions, Ireland is a thrilling destination for anyone with even a fleeting interest in the relics of the past

  • Ancient
  • Ancient

If you don’t know your Megalithic from your Neolithic, here’s a quick synopsis of Ireland's rich cultural heritage:

  • The
    first settlers in Ireland probably arrived from northern Britain some
    9,000 years ago. They headed up the River Bann and probably settled at
    the foot of Mount Sandel, near Coleraine, in County Londonderry. 

  • The Neolithic farmers lasted until around 2000BC when the Bronze Age started. 

  • The first Celts arrived around 500BC. 

  • When the Christians arrived, they were intent to reshape
    the land of pagans. Every county has monastic ruins, and the golden age
    of Christianity in Ireland can be seen in the misty St Kevin’s
    monastery at Glendalough, County Wicklow, the 6th Century monastic
    settlement of Devenish, County Fermanagh, and Clonmacnoise at the River

It’s all well and good knowing your history, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing the real thing.