Ireland Baldwin and her boyfriend Slater Trout, a professional surfer, are no longer in a relationship, the 18-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin told E! News.

"I am focusing on work and school now," Baldwin reportedly said, when she was asked about the reason behind their split. The couple began dating in 2013 and made their first red-carpet appearance together at the 50th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue event in January.

“Her life has gotten crazy in the past year or so," a source told Us Weekly. "She is really trying to keep her momentum going as a model and she can't do that and go to school and have a boyfriend. She's young, she always had an idea that it wouldn't last forever."

In May 2013, Baldwin spoke about Trout to People magazine: "I would say he is my best friend. We have our moments but that's rare. We can act stupid in public, private or wherever and we are always laughing."

The daughter of Alec and Kim Basinger recently also made some changes to her hair by giving it a purple color.

Baldwin posted some pictures of her new look on Instagram Wednesday, captioning one of them: “Bust my lip and died my hair. Thank you @anderssonjj for the PURP babe,” referring to Justin Anderson, a colorist at the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills, for transforming her bleached blonde locks.

"I just really wanted to go lavender and it's going to fade out," Baldwin told E! News. "I wanted change! I love my platinum hair and that's who I am, but this is fun. Why not? It's temporary and fun."