In one of the most highly-anticipated movie sequels, new details about Mandarin along with possible other villains in Iron Man 3 starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark have emerged after new pictures from the filming set circulated online.

It is already known that Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce will play villains The Mandarin and Aldrich Killian, respectively. However, there was a new villain on set dressed in costume while filming in North Carolina on Wednesday, despite both Marvel's and Shane Black's attempts to prevent spoiler details from leaking.


The other villain? James Badge Dale dressed as the Iron Patriot.

While Marvel did not reveal whether or not Badge Dale would play the villain the Iron Patriot in the film, the actor was seen on set for the second day of shooting in Wilmington, N.C. at the Cape Fear Club on Wednesday wearing the costume.

The sighting roused speculation for fans of the franchise, especially since it was previously announced that Badge Dale would play Coldblood in Iron Man 3. For many fans, Coldblood, who is an army soldier for Pearce's character Killian, wearing the Iron Patriot suit originally worn by Norman Osborn in comics is confusing.

No one saw this coming, reported Thursday. When it was revealed that James Badge Dale had been cast as Eric Savin, everyone assumed he would be playing Coldbood. That was until James Badge Dale was photographed on the Iron Man 3 set decked out in Iron Patriot armor. Of course, some think it might actually be Detroit Steel armor.

According to the Daily Mail, many believe putting Badge Dale in the costume was meant to throw off fans and add confusion to a movie that there is much speculation about so early on in the filming process.

Other details about Iron Man 3 were revealed in photos for the filming, according to In addition to the Iron Patriot confusion, fans now know Iron Man 3 will be partially set in Miami and Mandarin's status confirmed as a villain with twins. Marvel Studios will also film other movies in the future in Wilmington based on their success in North Carolina, namely regarding the generous state tax incentives, reported.

In addition, British actress Rebecca Hall has signed on to play the sexy scientist, according to E! News, replacing Jessica Chastain who dropped out of the project.