A terror attack in the Turkish border town of Suruc left at least 30 dead and injured 100 others. The apparent suicide bombing happened at the Amara Cultural Park where a group of people had gathered to seek help to rebuild the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani.

No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. However, officials said that it might have been launched by a female suicide bomber from the extremist Islamic State group.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called the incident “an act of terror,” saying his country had been “consistent in underlining the need for a global effort to fight terror” as terror did not have any particular homeland, nation or race. Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan had condemned the attack planned by “inhuman perpetrators.”

Abdullah Ciftci, the district governor of Suruc, said that the attacker might have been a woman. “The fact that it is a suicide attack increases the possibility that IS is responsible,” Ciftci told the BBC Turkish outlet. “Preliminary findings show that she was acting on her own.”

The Telegraph reported one witness had seen a young woman in a suicide vest. A Turkish official told CNN that the attack could have been “retaliation for the Turkish government's efforts to fight terrorism.” According to him, ISIS terrorists might be responsible for the attack.

According to eyewitness Erhan Subasi, everyone was running and screaming after the attack. While everyone was in a panic, they also wanted to help one another. Video and photos captured from the scene depict human bodies scattered around a park.