The majority of U.S. voters believe that the Obama administration is incompetent. And a recent poll reveals that a significant number of Americans fear there is a constant terrorist threat that the government has failed to neutralize.

A Fox News poll published Thursday reveals that 60 percent voters believe there are terrorists living in their hometown. While answering a similar question, 48 percent people felt so in 2007. The most recent percentage is even higher than what it was just after the 9/11 attacks. The percentage of people who felt there were terrorists in the community was 58 percent in June 2002.

Most of the U.S. voters believe that President Barack Obama has failed as an administrator. However, the percentage has improved a bit since 2014. While there were 59 percent people who had no faith in Obama’s competency in 2014, there are 53 percent of voters who believe so now.

Obama has got lower marks for the way he tackles terrorist groups like the Islamic State group. A majority of 55 percent voters disapprove of his strategies in countering extremism. On the other hand, most voters have confidence in U.S. intelligence. There are 65 percent voters who believe that intelligence agencies are going to identify threats and prevent attacks on home soil.

Homegrown radicalization is not a problem only for the United States. Scotland Yard released a report Thursday that hundreds of radicalized Britons had gone back to Britain after spending time in Syria.

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