Summer heat can be unbearable, but a group of German men had a “cool” solution. The men somehow equipped a convertible BMW with a pool, dove in and started to cruise the streets in the car of their own creation.

German police say an officer patrolling the area couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the four men splashing around in the pool-car as it passed him on Sunday afternoon, the Associated Press reports. The incident took place in a town near Blauenthal, about 155 miles south of Berlin.

“I saw the strangest-looking convertible I have ever seen -- a roofless BMW, without registration plates, bordered around the open top with wooden boards and fake plastic flowers. It was also full of water,” a police officer told the Daily Mail.

The car had three men in the pool with swimsuits on. Another was behind the wheel. All appeared to be drunk, police told the Local. The officer ended up chasing the unorthodox vehicle as it sped into a parking lot. At every turn, the pool continued to lose water.

Police said the men then jumped out of the car and into a nearby river. Worried the men would return and initiate a “getaway,” police punctured the cars’ tires and disconnected the spark plugs. A 27-year-old man later returned to get his clothes. Although visibly intoxicated, he insisted he wasn’t the driver. Police say he is suspected of drunk driving and driving an uninsured, unregistered vehicle.

Authorities investigated the vehicle and discovered that it had been hollowed out, sealed and waterproofed before being painted blue and filled with water. A wooden railing was installed, along with a “cheap floral decoration.” Police said the car had only one functional gear, could travel up to 15.5 mph and contained 530 gallons of water, Spiegel reports. Chemnitz police spokesman Frank Fischer told AP the car "probably didn't have a road permit."

One of the men involved, who hasn’t been identified, told a German tabloid that "the ride was a stupid idea. It was the first time we drove on a street, and we just wanted to have a little fun."