Italian police are investigating the killing of an American woman who was found dead in her bedroom Saturday with bruises and scars on her neck. Ashley Ann Olsen, a 35-year-old resident of Florence, was found by her 45-year-old Italian boyfriend after she stopped responding to his messages several days ago.

No stranger to Florence's art scene, Olsen was well-known in the local community, particularly in the Oltrarno neighborhood where she lived. She moved to Florence in 2012 to be closer to her father, who teaches at an American art school in the city. "Everybody around here knew who she was," one local told the Telegraph.

"The idea that all of this could have happened in our neighborhood, where we only worry about noise during the night, fills me with horror and bitterness," one shop owner told the Guardian.

Olsen regularly updated her Instagram account with photos of her time in the city. Under the motto "live free or die," Olsen posted pictures of street markets, shops, interesting graffiti and animals. 

Outside her house on Saturday, her pet beagle Scout was found. Despite the scratches that police suggest showed she tried to fight off her attacker, investigators found no evidence of forcible entry into the apartment. Investigators said they hope an autopsy will shed further light on the crime.

Police investigating the case have taken her computer and phone. They are also looking at surveillance video footage for clues. No suspect has been named. "The investigation is active and ongoing, so we are not making any official declarations at this time," said a Florence police representative.