The controversial comedy series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” will be returning to FX tonight at 10 p.m. ET. Cast members of “Sunny” have described season eight as “creepier,” “darker” and “more shocking” than previous seasons, states the Hollywood Reporter.

This claim for the Paddy’s Pub crew is a bold one, considering that the show described as Seinfeld on crack has featured on-screen nudity, kidnapping, theft, arson, and even the use of crack. Spinoff notes that the show manages to get away with this on FX is because its heart is in the right place.

“We come at it from a character perspective in terms of motivation. We try to figure out what they would want and what means they would use to get there,” McElhenney told Spinoff on the red carpet at the premiere on Monday. “So it’s never, ‘Oh, well, what’s the most terrible thing we could see.’ It’s, ‘What’s something that someone on a CBS sitcom wouldn’t necessarily get to do,’ and then we try to do that.”

The show starts off strong with a season one throwback, courtesy of Dennis and Sweet Dee’s Nazi grandfather, reports THR. The publication says that the two have to make a crucial life choice for their aging fascist relative.

Keeping with the season, the show will also feature a Halloween episode inspired by “Friday the 13th” themed episode that will be dramatically different in style than the usual “Sunny” formula. “It’s very funny and at moments shocking and scary, and I think it's one of the best episodes we’ve done,” Charlie Day, who plays Charlie on the shock-comedy series said according to THR.

Some other season giveaways are that Dennis and Mac have a monthly fancy dinner that hasn’t been addressed in the series yet, there’s more proof that Dennis has cameras in recording his room at all times, and Dee goes crazier and more unattractive. Kaitlin Olson, who plays Dee, also supposedly claims that Dee’s greatest wish is for Dennis to be proud of her.

“There’s something really sweet and sad about that,” THR says Olson said. “And every once in a while he’ll give me a glimmer of being proud. I think that maybe that might all be that Dee wants is for Dennis to be proud of her.”

Rob McElhenney, the actor who plays Mac makes a note that the characters never seem to learn from their mistakes.

“We never really evolve that much,” Spinoff claims McElhenney said. “ You’ll definitely see different sides to our characters — that’s just part of the fun of creating new ways to display our characters, but they’ll be right in line with what you would expect from these people.”