Ivory Coast overcame a deadly political standoff in April only when a key fighting force and France backed current President Alassane Ouattra, a regional observer said.

Prime Minister Guillaume Soro's fighters supporting the country's new President Alassane Ouattara launched an offensive to overthrow Laurent Gbagbo, the incumbent leader who had refused to admit defeat by his rival in the November 28, 2010 presidential run-off.

Despite winning presidential polls, Ivory Coast's new leader Alassane Ouattara could take power only with the support of fighters of his Premier Soros, said Antoine Glaser, the former editor of La Lettre du Continent, a publication on African issues, according to Agence France Presse.

Alassane Ouattara won the presidential election ... but he was made king by the weapons of Guillaume Soro and France, he told AFP.

Thousands of people in Ivory Coast, who fled their homes in the west of the country during the recent post-election violence, say they're too afraid to return home after villages were raided and hundreds killed in the fighting that toppled former President Laurent Gbagbo.

Ivory Coast endured more than four months of deadly political violence after the election.