It’s not clear what the coveted iWatch will look like, but a designer at Apple said it is impressive enough that Switzerland would be in “trouble,” the New York Times reported Wednesday. It’s rumored the iWatch will be revealed on Sept. 9, along with the coveted iPhone 6, but there is just a 50/50 chance it will actually happen. When it the iWatch is eventually publicized, Apple’s design chief Jonathan Ives told the Times that the nation, known for its watchmaking, would have serious competition.

It’s hard to find part leaks, and legitimate information about the device is practically nonexistent, wrote. It's rumored that the iWatch will have tight integration with iOS 8, NFC capabilities and features related to health and fitness. It  will also reportedly act as an accessory to the iPhone.

The Times’ article centers on how “wearable tech” is often just ugly accessories, but it said if there's any company that could meet the design challenge, it's Apple. The apparent problem in the past was designers created gizmos based on the technology and not on the fashion. But the iWatch is expected to be the opposite of ugly.

“It’s been hard for existing tech companies to get this new competency of fashion, and it’s going to be hard for existing fashion companies to get the competency of tech,” Katherine Hague, vice president of the Blueprint, told the Times. “People are finally starting to realize that it has to be fashionable for it to cross that chasm into a non-tech market.”

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