Jack White shouldn’t expect his future New York City concerts to sell out. During a performance at Radio City Music Hall Saturday night, the rocker performed for just 45 minutes before walking off stage.  Gothamist reports that White played only 12 songs, even though he's typically performed 19 to 23 numbers on his current tour.

The Observer reports that the show initially seemed to be running smoothly. White performed a slew of hit songs as well as tracks from his latest album, "Blunderbuss."

“Mr. White’s show began with a rollicking set featuring songs from his recent solo album, ‘Blunderbuss,’ and tracks from his bands; The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather,” the site reported. “From our seat in the nosebleeds, it seemed as though Mr. White’s music was enthusiastically received by the crowd. However, after about 45 minutes, Mr. White suddenly left the stage.”

The night quickly turned sour. According to Gawker, the ex-White Stripes frontman was angry with the tepid enthusiasm displayed by the crowd.  

One Twitter user said White asked his audience, “Jesus Christ, is this an NPR Convention?”

It’s unclear if his frustration with the audience led him to cut the set short.

According to Buzzfeed, White’s discontent may have stemmed from the fact that some tickets were purchased by scalpers.

Regardless of White’s motive, the incident has set Twitter ablaze. Many attendees (who paid anywhere from $40 to $90 per ticket) have taken to the social networking site to blast the Grammy-winning musician’s behavior.

Here are a few highlights:

@sfgchill wrote: “Jack White is lame. Ended radio city show less than 1 hour. No explanation. I am pissed!!!”

 “Jack White just pulled an awful move. Not sure if I can ever respect him the same,” tweeted @Owlec.

“Excitement turns into disbelief as one of my most influential music heroes plays 45 mediocre minutes and leaves. I'm done with Jack White,” posted @jeremycurrent.

@kentucker tweeted: “You mean some people have realized that Jack White is a self-absorbed artiste only in the past 24 hours?”

“I love Jack White and guess he stormed off stage last night at Radio City. My heart goes out to the Latte drinking ex-hipsters,” joked @Joey_D_T.

“I don't think Jack White can repair the damage to his career that the debacle of last night’s show has wrought,” wrote ‏@pmadden327.

@JKush28 tweeted, “Jack White does NOT DESERVE to play in NEW YORK. EVER again.”

White is scheduled to play another New York concert on Sunday night. The show currently has plenty of seats available.