Jackass star Ryan Dunn was killed early Monday morning in a car accident in or near his hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania.

According to the West Goshen Township police report, Dunn's Porsche 911 GT3 was fully engulfed in flames when officers responding to a report of an auto accident near Route 322 and Pottstown Pike found it off the road and in the woods.

Dunn, who is the registered owner of the car, was behind the wheel. His passenger also died, but has not yet been identified, possibly because the severity of the injuries have prevented a conclusive identification.

Dunn was identified by his tattoos.

According to the police report, Preliminary investigation revealed that speed may have been a contributing factor to the accident.

Dunn was known for living dangerously. The Jackass movies involve pranks and stunts that could be dangerous: In one case, a golf cart driven recklessly by Dunn caused his passenger Johnny Knoxville to be knocked unconscious.

Dunn was also a member of the Camp Kill Yourself Crew, known as the CKY crew, led by his best friend and fellow daredevil Bam Margera.