Reports regarding the death of Jackie Chan have erupted on social media websites like Twitter for the second time this year.

Rumors began to spread on social media networks that Jackie Chan was dead on Wednesday after a Facebook group was created entitled "R.I.P. Jackie Chan (8/17/11)" featuring a photo of Chan in a tuxedo, which has amassed more than 67 thousand followers and counting.

However, Jackie Chan is not dead, having recently posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. The post read, "'When I work I do it from my heart, and my heart is that I bring love to the world. When I travel around the world I bring my love. I bring so much love in my heart. I hope you can feel that.' - Jackie" and included a photo of himself in the air with a hand gliding-like device.

Chan, amongst other celebrities like Justin Bieber and Hugh Hefner, is no stranger to Internet death hoaxes. He was victim of death rumors after one surfaced around April Fool's Day this year, days before his 57th birthday, claiming the Chinese actor and martial arts expert suffered a heart attack.

Shortly thereafter, he posted a statement squelching rumors on his Facebook page. "Jackie is alive and well," the note stated. "He did not suffer a heart attack and die, as was reported on many social networking sites and in online news reports."

The statement also included that Chan was "busy preparing for the filming his next movie." The film, "1911," is a historical biopic centering around the founding of the Republic of China after overthrowing the Qing Dynasty. The film stars and was directed by Jackie Chan and is set to hit theaters October 12, following its release at the 2011 Tokyo Film Festival in the same month.

Born in Hong Kong in 1954, Jackie Chan is widely known as a cultural icon and has appeared in more than 100 films, some which he directed himself, doing his own matrial arts stunting.