Jada Pinkett Smith is a veteran when it comes to dealing with divorce rumors.

"It seems like that happens at least once a year, or at least once every two years," Smith, 40, said in an interview for Essence magazine's September issue regarding her 15-year marriage to superstar Will Smith, 43.

Still, the actress has had more than her fill of being tabloid fodder. "It's rumored that we're getting a divorce. But no. We're not getting a divorce. Where am I gonna go? Where am I going to go?" she said, adding: "That's my boo. It's like he's another part of me."

Smith's recipe for marriage is quite simple in theory, but it's a concoction many couples have been unable to mix together in their failed relationships. "You need understanding, acceptance, and compassion," she said. "And usually you get understanding through friendship, so you need to have that."

Although Smith said she thinks reaching the 15-year mark in marriage is quite a feat, she acknowledges it pales in comparison to other successful couples.

"Fifteen years! It's amazing, isn't it? When I was doing the 'Today' show, there was a couple there and they were celebrating 59 years of marriage! And I thought to myself, 'Fifteen years ain't nothing!' So it's just the beginning, really."

The vivacious actress recently tweeted a jaw-dropping photograph of herself that showcased her supertoned abs and gravity-defying curves with a caption that read: "To my Forty and over crew! Don't believe the hype ... we DO get better with age!"

With a body like hers, Will Smith isn't going anywhere!