Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are denying the latest round of divorce rumors, saying their 17-year marriage is strong. Pinkett Smith addressed the rumors in the August issue of American Way Magazine, saying there's nothing new about the rumors. “Every year there’s a new one, and I’m like, ‘Here we go. Get ready. Are ya holdin’ on tight?’ ”she said.

The former “Gotham” star also admitted their marriage has gone through the usual ups and downs of wedded life, saying she managed to weather the Hollywood scrutiny by looking at her past and how she survived the trauma of her youth.

The power couple Monday took to social media to deny the latest divorce rumors, Entertainment Weekly reported. Smith, 46, announced on Facebook he and his wife are not getting a divorce. “Under normal circumstances, I don't usually respond to foolishness. [Because it's contagious] But, so many people have extended me their ‘deepest condolences’ that I figured -- ‘What the h--- ... I can be foolish, too!’ So, in the interest of redundant, repetitious, over & over-again-ness ... Jada and I are ... NOT GETTING A DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! : -)”

The actor ended his statement with a joke referencing to “The Scarlet Letter” that read: “I promise you all -- if I ever decide to divorce my Queen -- I SWEAR I'll tell you myself! ‪#‎Dumb  People Should Have to Wear Scarlet D's.”  To back up her man, the “Magic Mike XXL” actress tweeted afterwards, writing, “My king has spoken.”

Us Weekly reported the latest divorce rumors started when RadarOnline reported the two were headed to divorce court. Soon after that, the alleged divorce news spread like wildfire and became one of Facebook’s trending topics.

Smith met Pinkett Smith when she auditioned to be his onscreen girlfriend in the show “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Although she did not get the part for the hit 1990s TV series, she became his real-life wife in 1997. The couple have two children, Jaden, 17, and Willow, 14.


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