Celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander was sentenced to 59 years to life in prison on Monday for sexual assaulting aspiring models.

Alexander who appeared once in the TV show America's Next Top Model and designed clothes for Paris Hilton and Mary J. Blige, was charged with 16 counts of rape, sexual assault and other crimes.
In pictures released by the Los Angeles Times, Alexander appears crying in court. He acted as his own attorney on Monday's hearing.

Judge David Wesley in Los Angeles gave him the maximum sentence for all but two of those counts and said he did not show remorse for his actions and posed a danger to other young women.

Alexander's use of violence and cruelty in his assaults to seven young women and girls weighed on his sentence, the judge said according to the L.A. Times.

He faces similar charges in New York and in Texas which will be added to the jail time given yesterday. 10:59


Celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander weeps while talking about the effect of his trial on his family as he is sentenced to a minimum of 59 years in prison in Los Angeles County Superior Court, August 31, 2009. Jon, 35, who had dressed socialite Paris Hilton and singer Janet Jackson before his arrest in 2007, was found guilty of 16 counts, including rape, sexual battery, and performing lewd acts on a child. REUTERS/Mark Boster/Pool