Former “Bachelor” Jake Pavelka may not have been successful at reality television dating, but he is now rumored to be dating television and Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth.

According to a recent report by Life & Style, the pair have been dating for a while but haven’t yet decided to go public with their romance. But an eyewitness source who spoke to the magazine claimed that from afar, they appeared to be very infatuated with one another.

“Kristin and Jake walked into Joey’s Cafe in West Hollywood on Nov. 13 and sat together at a cozy table. They both had sunglasses on like they didn’t want to be recognized,” the source told Life & Style. “They had lunch and held hands across the table. They started to kind of nuzzle and Jake seemed so into Kristin."

While the pair have ten years between them – Pavelka is 34, while Chenoweth is 44 – the source said that there was definite chemistry. "He looked like he was starstruck and in love at the same time — just beaming and smiling the whole time," the eyewitness said.

Chenoweth has previously been romantically linked to a number of high profile, most notably screenwriter and producer Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin famously wrote a part for Chenoweth on his show “Studio 60” that was loosely based on her, but the pair split after several years together. In an interview with Time Magazine, Chenoweth admitted that Sorkin had created the character specifically for her, and included personal details from their own relationship, but clarified that it was a fictionalized interpretation.

“It's weird to see fights played out on TV that we had, but it was also an honor,” Chenoweth said. “He asked me first. He said ‘I think you're one of the most wonderfully complicated fantastic women, and I think there's a character here. Can I loosely’ — and that's the key word, loosely — ‘base a character on you?’ And I said sure.”

Despite recently being single, Kristin told an interviewer last year that she finally felt ready to get married. "I want to be married," said Chenoweth. "I feel finally ready for that. Possibly [becoming] a mom someday, even if it's to animals. My goals might be different than doing all these amazing career things. I think the next chapter will be focusing more on my personal life."