Kristen Chenoweth, star of Broadway's "Wicked," will be leaving CBS' "The Good Wife" to focus on recovering from her injuries sustained during an on-set accident last month, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

A piece of lighting equipment fell from a rig on-set and struck the actress, while filming in Brooklyn. After 911 was called, Chenoweth was rushed to Bellevue hospital in Manhattan, where she was seen wearing a neck brace.

The Tony and Emmy-award winning actress has made multiple appearances on television since originating the role of Glinda, the "good witch." Her appearances on "Glee" reunited her with "Wicked" co-star Idina Menzel and paved the way for her guest-starring spot on "The Good Wife," opposite star Julianna Margulies. Chenoweth was about a month into her role as a political journalist looking to professional and personal information on Margulies' character.

"We enjoyed having Kristin on the show and would love to have her back when she's feeling better," CBS Television Studios said via an issued statement.

The actress wrote, via Twitter "Today not best 'pain' day. Remaining positive. (I think)"

Chenoweth has the potential to return to the show later in the season, as CBS is clearly keeping the door open for her to come back. Her leaving obviously interrupts whatever storyline the show was developing, however; moving onto ancillary characters and subplots might buy enough time for her complete recovery, with a smooth transition for her character to emerge again.

"The Good Wife" returns for its fourth season Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. Eastern time.