The Kansas City Chiefs turned a lot of heads on Sunday. Though the team was 1-9 going into a divisional clash with the 7-3 Broncos, the Chiefs played like they were fighting for first place. Their defense put pressure on Peyton Manning all game long. While the Chiefs ended up losing the contest, they only surrendered 17 points to the Broncos -- a season best for the team.

Despite the formidable effort from the buried franchise, what happened after the game received the most media attention.


As Manning left Arrowhead Stadium, he was greeted by droves of cheering fans, including Chiefs stars Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles. Bowe posed for a picture with Manning, while Charles asked for his autograph.


Charles was giggly and perhaps a little embarrassed when KCTV's Neal Jones caught the interaction and asked the star running back how many players he gets autographs from. “My momma wanted this autograph,” Charles told Jones with a chuckle.


Bowe was more upfront about his post-game picture with Manning. “It's a legend,” the wideout told Jones. “Who wouldn't want a picture with him?”


Eyebrows were raised about the incident across the league. Should NFL players be acting as gushy fanboys, especially when their team sits in last place?


Former Chiefs lineman Rich Baldinger thinks the team's minds should be on football and not autographs and pictures. They were smiling and laughing after the loss like that today. I just think it just goes to show what this team’s about,” he told KCTV. “I don’t know if winning’s really that important.”


Texans star Arian Foster feels differently, though. He tweeted his support at Charles, admitting that he got the Chief's signature after the 2010 Pro Bowl and that he swaps jerseys with other players “damn near every game.”