Twitter reacted fiercely Thursday after actor-director-author James Franco allegedly tried to pick up a 17-year-old girl from Scotland. Lucy Clode, who happened to be visiting New York, supposedly received private Instagram messages from the 35-year-old cultural multitasker, where he tried to get the address to her hotel room.

Many immediately labeled the “Of Mice and Men” Broadway star “creepy,” while others wondered if it was just a publicity stunt. Franco is known for his quirky nature, and it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that he would try to pick up a 17-year-old just to see if he could, or just pretend to so he can generate some buzz about a new movie.

Lucy Clode has since deleted her Instagram account, but the pictures still live on the Internet and the gossip has not died down since the news broke Thursday morning. Franco has since responded, in his own inimitable way:


Some fans, however, didn’t think there was anything creepy about the 30-something star trying to get with a teenage girl. To them, any girl should be flattered if Franco tried to get with her.

Others opined that he may in fact be creepy if he did hit on the Scottish teen, but they didn’t care. They were still devout followers.

In fact, in the state of New York, it might be creepy to have sex with someone who is 17, but it’s not illegal.

Even though it's legal, what do you think about Franco allegedly hitting on a 17-year-old?

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