A midnight cowboy made an unforgettable appearance in Louisiana early Wednesday morning.

According to police, 26-year-old James Rene Mouton rode his horse into a bar, lassoed a patron and was later arrested in the town of Scott, La., WDSU reports.

At first Mouton arrived at the aptly named Cowboy’s Saloon with his horse in its trailer. Witnesses say that after drinking at the bar, Mouton returned to his car, unloaded the animal and rode it inside. When a bar patron led the horse outside, Mouton roped the 47-year-old man with a lasso and dragged him around the parking lot while on his horse.

Mouton then took the horse to his parent’s house and walked back to the bar on foot, where he was greeted by police, who had received “multiple calls” about the incident. Mouton allegedly tried to hide from authorities and later threatened to retaliate against them when they were off duty.

Mouton was charged with disturbing the peace, remaining after being forbidden, second-degree battery, public intimidation and retaliation, NBC33 reports. He remains in custody at Lafayette Parish Correctional Center and will be in court Friday.

Despite Mouton’s unusual behavior, he took a clue from the town’s slogan: “Where the West begins.”