“Jane The Virgin” fans were surprised to see that Jane (Gina Rodriguez) made a big choice in episode 6—she seemingly ended the love triangle. Throughout the season, Jane has been attracted to Rafael (Justin Baldoni), her accidental baby daddy, but she seemed firm in her decision to stay with her fiancé Michael (Brett Dier). That was before he lied to her. His lies didn’t just end their wedding, but Jane ultimately decided that they were over. As soon as Jane told Rafael about her break up, they dramatically kissed.

Fans weren’t the only ones feeling surprised by how quickly Jane jumped from one man in the love triangle to the other. “I felt icky. It seemed too fast, because it was,” Rodriguez told TV Line. "So it was good that what Jane was going through, I was feeling as well. I wasn’t as comfortable, and now I’m very comfortable.”

Luckily, “Jane The Virgin” fans will see the characters acknowledge how quickly that change was made. “It gets addressed [on the show], and that’s what’s good,” Rodriguez said.

Despite their break up, Jane will still feel some guilt about her decision. Michael will still be around, and he’ll have plenty of run-ins with Jane and Rafael. “You’re going to see Jane go through the experience of, ‘This isn’t fair to Michael. I wouldn’t want this done to me. So do I still continue to feel and allow myself to feel?’” Rodriguez explained.

That could make her question her decision and might even lead to a change of heart. Jane often likes to think that everyone’s choices are simply good or bad, but she might realize that Michael isn’t an awful person.

 “So as much as she likes to say, ‘Michael, it’s done here,’ because she doesn’t want to lead anyone on, we all make mistakes. It’s going to be interesting to see if she catches that,” the actress added.

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