“Jane The Virgin” Season 1 episode 4 is about to dive into Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) wedding plans. With her wedding coming up soon, it’s a bad time for Jane to start having feelings for her baby daddy. She'll be dreaming about Rafael all week -- and not just while she's sleeping. Jane has quite a bit of trouble focusing on Michael (Brett Dier) when she keeps hallucinating about Rafael (Justin Baldoni), as seen in the latest sneak-peek video.

The narrator informs the audience that the wedding is in one week, but Jane is having plenty of confusing feelings about Rafael. She even imagines him taking the groom’s place in her bridal magazine.

“Listen to your heart,” Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) says.

“What?” Jane asks.

“The power ballad by Roxette. That’s what I want to sing at the reception. Are you going to have a band?” she asks.

Jane doesn’t know if she is having a band. She also doesn’t know what psalms she wants and if there will be a food truck. She doesn't know when she'll go to pre-wedding counseling or order a cake. Her grandmother (Ivonne Coll) offers to make tres leches cake and her imaginary Rafael says, “I love tres leches.” Even her hallucination is interfering with her wedding plans.

“Okay, that’s enough!” Jane yells.

According to the narrator, Jane has two choices: Admit her feelings for Rafael or blame her outburst on crazy wedding planning. She opts for the second, kicking her grandmother and mother out of the dining room.

Michael calms her down and tells her to rely on him. Michael assures her that they can do this and nothing else matters as long as they love each other. "Jane The Virgin" narrator says that Jane knows now that she loves Michael--but that doesn’t mean she gets a happy ending.

“Unfortunately, you never really see a broken heart coming,” the narrator says.

Watch the "Jane The Virgin" sneak-peek video below:

“Jane The Virgin” Season 1 episode 4, titled “Chapter Four,” airs Monday, Nov. 3, at 9 p.m. EST on the CW. Do you think Jane will get her heart broken before she gets married? Sound off in the comments section below!