In this week’s episode of “Jane The Virgin,” Rogelio de la Vega settles his feud with guest star Britney Spears. Meanwhile, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is convinced she wants to be with Michael (Brett Dier), and she needs to tell Rafael (Justin Baldoni) that she’s made her decision.

Michael’s world falls apart

Jane doesn’t know that Rafael overheard her telling her mom, Xiomara (Andrea Navedo), about the kiss she shared with Michael, and her decision to be with him. Before Jane could tell anyone else about it, Rafael is determined to change her mind.

Luckily for him, someone else did the job for him. Michael gets in trouble at work for letting his former partner go. He found out that Nadine works for the notorious criminal Sin Rostro, and instead of turning her in, he let her go into hiding.

Someone comes forward with the information and Michael gets into trouble. He confronts Rafael and accuses him of coming to the police. He thinks that Rafael overheard him telling Jane about what happened. They have a fist fight and baby Mateo ends up getting hurt by broken glass.

Jane is furious about the incident. It turns out that Rafael didn’t do anything after all. Michael breaks into his boss’ office and watches the interview with the informant. One of Nadine’s friends gave away the information, not Rafael.

Unfortunately for Michael, he gets caught snooping and he loses his job. He receives another blow, when Jane changes her mind about being with him. As if things weren’t bad enough, Nadine suddenly shows up and holds him at gunpoint.

Abuela gets her green card

Abuela (Ivomme Coll) finally files her application for citizenship. However, Xiomara is her sponsor and the immigration officer digs up her felony conviction for theft back in the 90’s. Apparently, Xiomara took the fall for a shoplifting ex-boyfriend back when she was 18.

Jane hopes to fix it by finding the guy and getting him to admit his guilt. They locate Zed, the ex-boyfriend, but he refuses to help. Michael gets her them an appointment with the state attorney but Xiomara and Alba are unable to show up because they accidentally got high from marijuana-laced chocolate bars from Zed. In the end, Xiomara and Alba manage to get Zed to confess to the crime by threatening to destroy his precious graffiti art.

Petra marries Milos

Petra tries to dissuade Milos from marrying her by telling him about her pregnancy. He continues to persist and she is left with no choice. He starts planning the wedding and even invites Britney Spears to perform.

Jane and Rafael find out about the wedding and they are immediately suspicious. They don’t want Milos in Petra’s life and more importantly, they don’t want him anywhere near Rafael’s children. They try to speak to Petra’s mother but all she says is that Milos is an internet scammer.

Jane tries to help Petra get evidence against Milos. Before Petra could do anything, she realizes that Milos is listening to her conversations. She plays it safe and decides to marry him. After they are married, he reveals to her that she’s not only a tax shield, but as his spouse she can’t testify against him now that he’s into buying and selling illegal weapons.

Rogelio vs. Britney

Rogelio (Jaime Camil) finds out that Britney is checking in at the Marbella. He brings up their big feud and says that he wants to confront her. He says they were very close until she betrayed him. It turns out that when they presented an award together at the 2009 Latin Pop Awards, the teleprompter was changed and Rogelio ended up getting embarrassed on-air. He thinks that Britney was behind the whole incident.

He confronts Britney at the hotel and she puts a restraining order on him. She also puts out an advisory calling him a stalker. Jane sees the fliers with Rogelio’s face on it and she decides to talk to Britney herself.

Apparently, Rogelio betrayed her first, when he tipped off some Paparazzi on her location many years ago. Also, the teleprompter incident was perpetrated by the operator who was trying to impress Britney. The two of them finally hash things out and they apologize to one another. Things end well and they quickly reconcile.

Find out what happens next, when “Jane The Virgin” returns next Monday, at 9:00 pm E.T. on The CW.