Season 2 of the hit comedy show "Jane the Virgin” will begin airing a week earlier than originally announced. The CW show will hit screens on Monday, Oct. 12, in order to steer clear of the broadcast of an NFL game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles on Oct. 19.

The breakthrough hit comedy, which stars Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez, was originally scheduled to premiere on Oct. 19 on its usual Monday night 9:00 pm EDT time slot. However, Variety reports that the CW will also be broadcasting the NFL game, and the network has decided to move the premiere of “Jane the Virgin” a week earlier.

Not that fans are complaining. The second season of the telenovela-style comedy series has already dropped a few bombshells about the upcoming season. First of all, Jane’s baby Mateo was kidnapped at the Season 1 finale. Fans will be relieved to learn that he will be returned to his parents fairly quickly into the second season. The kidnapping may be brief, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be leaving any lasting trauma on his parents.

Last week, Executive Producer Jennie Urman also revealed that Season 2 will feature two weddings. The bigger news is that one of the weddings will be between main protagonist Jane, with either her baby daddy, Rafael, or ex-fiancé Michael.

Now that Jane is getting married, the status of her virginity is the next major plot point to tackle. After all, the whole premise of the show is based upon her commitment to remain a virgin until marriage. Now that she's getting married, big changes are to be expected. All this and more will be revealed at least a week earlier when the show returns this fall on the CW.

Apart from “Jane the Virgin,” the CW will also premiere their new show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on Oct. 12. The show will air back-to back with “Jane the Virgin” to complete the CW’s Monday night prime-time schedule.