In Sseason 2 of the hit comedy series “Jane the Virgin,” the pace will pick up pretty quickly. Not only is the main character, Jane Villanueva, now a mother, it appears that she will soon become a wife too.

"Jane will make a choice with one of the guys, eventually, and we will have a wedding at some point in the season," said executive producer Jennie Urman. She spoke to TV Line and explained that Jane will be marrying either her baby’s daddy, Rafael Solano, or her ex-fiancé, Michael Cordero.

The previous season saw Jane and Michael getting engaged, but things went awry toward the middle of the season. Michael had some problems dealing with Jane’s pregnancy in the beginning, and it didn’t help that Jane fell for her boss, and the baby’s daddy, Rafael. Later, Rafael also proposed to Jane, but she felt that it was too soon to take the plunge. This caused a big rift between them, and Rafael eventually broke up with her.

So the identity of Jane’s eventual groom is up in the air. The other big issue that will come into play when Jane gets married is her virginity. The whole premise of the show is about her conviction to remain a virgin until she gets married. With a wedding confirmed this season, this could mean that the inevitable will also finally happen. Urman previously said that the plan is for Jane to lose her virginity only after she is married. If it does happen and she is no longer a virgin, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the show. 

Apart from Jane’s wedding, Urman also revealed that there will be another wedding taking place around episode 5. This one will take place before Jane’s union and it will be “unexpected” and “whimsical.” With Jane’s parents Rogelio and Xiomara already married, there aren’t that many characters who could figure in this surprise wedding. Everyone would just have to wait until the series returns to find out.

Season 2 won’t immediately get into the nuptials, however, since there’s still the matter of Jane’s missing child. Her son Mateo was kidnapped in first season finale, and season 2 will open up with the mad mission to bring him back. Luckily, it has already been revealed that the writers are not plotting a long wait for the baby’s return.

“Jane the Virgin” Season 2 premieres Monday, Oct. 19. The series airs at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.