Anthony Mendez, the guy who voices the Narrator in “Jane the Virgin,” has made a lot of fans excited after he confirmed that Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) will finally lose her virginity this Season 3.

However, Mendez also made fans worried since he teased that Jane might lose her virginity not to her husband Michael Cordero (Brett Dier), but to some new guy.

“At this point, we don't know where they're heading with anything," Mendez admitted to Bustle. “All I do know is that [showrunner] Jennie [Snyder Urman] had mentioned that Jane would loose her virginity this season, but we either don't know or can't say when that happens.”

Mendez raved about Snyder’s creative flair, and how she maintained the show without people obsessing solely on Jane’s virginity (and when she would finally lose it).

“It's more about dynamic in this family and the different storylines and how Jane is still trying to grasp with her identity and her goals in the midst of all this crazy stuff happening around her,” he said.

And as far as crazy goes, Season 3 will definitely top the cake. Mendez said that a new guy might enter (or re-enter Jane’s life). “This season we might see things possibly steam up with her new relationships," he shared, while adding: "I can't say whether that's with Michael or somebody else from her past that's coming in.”

Mendez was most likely hinting about Jane’s childhood crush Sam. According to TV Line, “Young and the Restless” star Miles Gaston Villanueva has been cast as Sam, and he was in Jane’s life long before she met either Michael and Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni). He is described as “intellectual and sexy,” which is just the kind of guy Jane likes.

With so many exciting things in store next season, Baldoni told the Huffington Post that fans better buckle their seatbelts because it’s going to be one exhilarating ride.

“All I can tell you is that it’s going to be crazy! Season three is going to be crazier than season two, which was crazier than season get ready!” he said.