Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono agreed on Thursday to cooperate to lead the Copenhagen talks to the success.

We should make certain that COP15 (the Copenhagen talks) will not fail, so the two of us have come up with very bold targets, Hatoyama told reporters after the talks.

Hatoyama also offered a yen loan as much as 37.4 billion yen to support anti-climate change measure in Indonesia. This yen loan would become the first concrete offer as Hatoyama Initiative which is to support an anti-warming measure of the developing country, expressed by the Prime Minister at the leaders meeting of United Nations in September.

According to Ministry of Japanese Foreign Affairs, Indonesia is the third largest carbon dioxide (CO2) discharging country in the world, next to China and U.S. The affairs said it would expect this loan would promote still more anti-warming measures of the country.

In addition to this loan, Japan and Indonesia agreed to give aid, a maximum of about 2 trillion yen, for bridge construction in Indonesia that was damaged by the north Sumatra earthquakes in 2004, and in Sumbawa Island, an area of poverty.

The conference of the prime minister and the President is the third after Hatoyama administration began.