A Japanese developer has released a cool, new sphere that is billed as being able to go where humans can't. 

The sphere is called the Futuristic Circular Flying Object, and is approximately the size of a basketball. It is meant to float around and be able to land in areas that humans typically wouldn't be able to access. While in those areas, it will be using cameras to capture footage of the tight spots it is in.

The inventor, Fumiyuki Sato of the Japanese Defense Ministry's Technical Research and Development Institute, was able to build the vehicle for only $1,390. Sato was primarily able to do that by purchasing common items off the shelves of electronic stores.

The sphere is 17-inches, features eight movable rudders, and can hover in the air for at least eight minutes. While reaching speeds of up to 37 miles per hour, the sphere deftly moves through the air without much effort.It doesn't take much to get it up in the air and moving, and will be adept at going into tight areas.

 Because of its spherical shape, it can land in various positions and tumble to move around the ground, he said in a statement.

While it's billed as a sphere that can go places that humans can't, that is a bit of a vague usage of the invention. But the inventor already has ideas as to situations the sphere can help out, and if he's right, could make it a pretty big deal.

When fully developed, it can be used at disaster sites, or anti-terrorism operations or urban warfare, Sato said.