Recently surfaced video (below) shows Jarawa tribe members, the indigenous peoples of the Andaman Islands, being forced to dance for tourists.

The reclusive Jarawa tribe has shunned outsiders for most of its history, but the Guardian reports that tour companies regularly run safaris through their jungle. Wealthy tourists allegedly pay police to make naked tribal women dance for their amusement.

British reporter Gethin Chamberlain, who obtained the footage, told the BBC it is just one of many in circulation. According to subtitles in the video, a voice shouts dance now.

Andaman Islands director general of police, Shamsher Bahadur Deoul, strongly denied the allegations that cops accepted bribes. He said the man shouting in the video is definitely not a police officer and the video must be 10 years old because tribals who approach the road are not as naked as they are today.

I can say that 100 percent and I have looked at the video clip very, very closely, he said, according to the BBC.

Deoul added that there have been about 1,000 people have been arrested in the last five years for trying to make contact with tribesmen and women.

There are only about 400 members of the Jarawa tribe left living in the southern forest of the Adamans.

According to the non-profit Survival International, the biggest threat to the Jarawa's existence comes from encroachment by tourists and settlers on their land. Since a highway was built through the forest in the 1970s, the Jarawa has been exposed to diseases to which they have no immunity.

Since 1993, Survival has been urging the Indian government to close the road. Director Stephen Corry called the tours disgusting and degrading human zoos that have been going on for some time.