Jasco Games, a popular board game publisher, is joining with video game publisher Capcom to make a new “Street Fighter” board game. Furthermore, Jasco has announced that as part of the deal with Capcom, the characters from “Street Fighter” will be returning to the “Universal Fighting System” trading card game.

According to the Jasco Games site, this is the second time the company has partnered with Capcom to bring its characters to tabletop games and trading cards. The maker added that characters from “Street Fighter” first appeared in the UFS card game in 2006, to the praise of fans of the Capcom fighting game and the card game.

While Jasco didn’t give away too many details regarding this “Street Fighter” board game, the company did reveal a new miniature of “Street Fighter” villain Akuma and promised more characters would be coming soon. Fans curious about this development can follow Jasco Games on Twitter, which is where it revealed the Akuma miniature.

It seems Jasco has a certain affinity with the characters and video games from Capcom, as IGN reported that the company had previously funded a “Mega Man” board game through Kickstarter. “Mega Man” is supposed to come out sometime this year, while no details have been given regarding the “Street Fighter” board game release date.

“Street Fighter V” is currently making headlines, thanks to Capcom’s announcement of its DLC plans, as well as introducing a character, Necalli, during the 2015 Evolution Championship Series (or EVO 2015). The timing of the board game announcement could be considered a smart one, considering how much momentum Capcom gained during EVO 2015.

The “Street Fighter” board game will be arriving sometime this year, while characters from the hit fighting game will be arriving to UFS in a future expansion pack. “Street Fighter V” will be hitting retail stores next year and is exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PC, with no Xbox One version, though how long that will last remains to be seen.

Street Fighter V: Battle System Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Street Fighter)