Jason Derulo almost did not make it to Los Angeles after he and his crew were kicked off a flight on Saturday. Southwest Airlines refused to let Derulo’s team onboard after the singer’s bodyguard argued with an airline employee.

Derulo was travelling from Reno to Los Angeles when the singer’s bodyguard’s request for preferred boarding was denied by a Southwest Airline employee, TMZ reported. Eyewitnesses told the site that Derulo and his crew reportedly got angry and started shouting at an airline employee. They were then banned from taking the flight, except for Derulo, who was allowed to board the plane. 

However, a few of Derulo’s crew managed to get onboard, which prompted Southwest employees to call airport security to escort them out of aircraft. Derulo reportedly opted not to take the flight after the disagreement and took a private jet in order to meet commitments in Los Angeles.

A source told People that Derulo’s crew initially requested for an escort but was denied. The source added, “They believed they were being treated unfairly. When they voiced their concerns to the airline they were told they could not fly.”

A Southwest Airlines spokesperson explained through a statement that Derulo’s crew was removed since they refused to follow boarding procedures. The statement also mentioned that the airline has received complaints from several customers about the behavior of Derulo’s crew. The spokesperson stated, “Our crew, responsible for the Safety and comfort of all customers on board, attempted to diffuse the situation; ultimately, local authorities were called and the decision was made to deny boarding to the group. The group sought alternate transportation and their tickets were refunded."

After the incident, Derulo took to Instagram and posted a video to share his experience. In the clip, the singer said, "I had to fire my travel agent for booking me somewhere I wasn't supposed to be. But now we're here, we're good."