Add Boston Celtic Jason Terry and Green Bay Packer Clay Matthews to the long list of famous athletes who are victims of Internet hoaxes.

Terry was rumored to have died over the past couple of days, while Matthews was supposedly mangled in a car accident. Both rumors are completely false.

Terry's "death" came at the hands of LeBron James. More specifically, a dunk by James. As reported by USA Today, some prankster changed Terry’s Wikipedia page, and claimed his “cause of death is being viciously dunked on.”

While the slam was impressive (watch here), it most certainly did not kill the 35-year-old guard. Some took the obvious play on words seriously, and worried that Terry was literally dead.

Matthews, meanwhile, "reportedly" had both his legs broken in an auto accident. cited the other rumors from last summer. Wide receiver Julio Jones, and quarterbacks Tony Romo and Peyton Manning were all victims of similar hoaxes.

Terry is certainly alive after he refused to comment on James’s remarks that he was “glad” to have “posterized” him.

As for Matthews, he responded on Twitter on Sunday by quoting a long-running television advertisement: “Where'd you hear that? The Internet. And you believed it? Yeah, they can't put anything on the Internet that isn't true.”

With those rumors to bed, both can focus on their respective teams.

Terry is in the midst of a down year after signing with Boston in the offseason, averaging just 10.3 points per game, his lowest since his rookie season. The Celtics are currently seventh in the East, but can rise in the standings with 16 games left before the playoffs.

Matthews, like the rest of Green Bay, is probably wondering what moves the Packers will make in free agency and the draft after losing receiver Greg Jennings to rival Minnesota.

Last season, the five-year veteran led Green Bay with 13 sacks, and the Packers had the 11th best total defense in the NFL.