American Idol judge Steven Tyler wants Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock to apologize for mocking his AFC Championship National Anthem performance, according to a report.

The Big Lead reported on Monday that Tyler's public relations team has been on a rampage trying to get Whitlock to apologize, but that Whitlock told the blog that he has no plans to apologize.

Tyler is angry at Whitlock for tweeting on Sunday, Steven Tyler far more obscene than Janet Jackson's titty.

The former Aerosmith front man got a lot of hate for his poor performance in New England for the Patriots-Ravens game. Tyler flubbed a few of the lyrics and disappointed viewers with off-key singing and random shrieks. Deadspin asked its readers whether Tyler's Star-Spangled Banner was the worst ever, while SportsGrid said to stay that he was awful would be an understatement.

 If Tyler appeared on American Idol with that performance, there would be no chance he'd advance to the next round of competition.

It appears the negative reaction has upset Tyler and his PR team, especially that some of the hate came from within house. Whitlock and Tyler both work for parent company Fox, which is likely why his people are targeting Whitlock for an apology and not the host of other columnists and Web sites that trashed his poor performance.

If you haven't already seen the performance, judge for yourself from this video.