Sure, he could take limos, private planes and pretty much any mode of transportation to get around, but megastar Jay-Z decided to take the train instead. On Saturday night, on the way to O2 Arena in London, along with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, legendary producer Timbaland, manager Ty Ty and Altanta Records executive Michael Kyser, Jay-Z took the train to surprise London commuters.


The humble stars were spotted arriving at Waterloo Station on the way to Jay-Z’s sold-out "Magna Carta Holy Grail" tour. As the commuters realized who was in their car, they quickly took to Twitter to express their amazement.


Jay-Z has been known to take public transportation from time to time and talk to commuters on the way to his shows. Last year, on the way to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Jay-Z took the train and had a casual run-in with an unexpected commuter.

Although it’s highly unlikely that you may actually ever run into something so cool, this gives commuters all the more reason to be happy taking the train.