In a court hearing Thursday morning, Jaycee Dugard's mother read a statement to kidnappers Phillip and Nancy Garrido on behalf of her daughter. Jaycee was kidnapped in 1991 at age 11 and was raped and held captive against her will for 18 years.

 Terry Probyn read Jaycee's public statement:

I chose not to be here today because I refuse to waste another second of my life in your presence.

Jaycee vented via her statement Everything you ever did to me was wrong and I hope one day you will see that.... I hated every second of every day for 18 years. You stole my life and that of my family.

There is no God in the universe that would condone your actions.

Phillip was sentenced to 431 years in jail while Nancy Garrido got 36 years.

Jaycee Dugard is releasing a memoir titled A Stolen Life detailing her 18-year ordeal. The book is expected to hit the shelves on July 12, according to publisher Simon & Schuster.