Guests staying in the presidential suite of one of Pittsburgh’s ritziest hotels were greeted by an unexpected visitor Tuesday night.

A homeless man was found sleeping on the couch inside the estimated $2,500 a night suite at the Omni William Penn Hotel. It’s unclear how he walked into unnoticed, the Associated Press reports.

Once found, Jeffrey Lennon Watson, 48, was escorted out of the hotel by police, brought into a police van and charged with trespass and theft of services. Watson told police he was from Los Angeles and was in Pittsburgh for over a month sleeping in places “wherever he can locate somewhere comfortable to rest his head,” according to police.

“They started bringing him out, we crossed the street to try to get out of the way and they loaded him up,” hotel guest Kelli Pridgen who witnessed the incident, told CBS Pittsburgh. “He kinda looked back at ‘em and they got him in the van.”

According to the hotel’s website, the presidential suite has a 1,300-square-foot parlor with three connecting bedrooms, crystal chandeliers, a grand piano and wet bar.

Eric DeStefano, hotel general manager, said the presidential suite was programmed earlier that day to remain unlocked for an event held Tuesday. Hotel guests said they found Watson sleeping on the couch inside the suite at around 7:30 p.m. They notified hotel security who woke him and called police, police spokeswoman Diane Richard said.

“There was an isolated incident of an unregistered occupant being found in the parlor area of the Presidential Suite, which is a general-use area for receptions and small events,” DeStefano said in a statement.

Watson remained at Allegheny County Jail Wednesday and was unable to post a $15,00 bond. He faces a preliminary hearing on Nov. 19.

This isn’t the first unusual incident involving the homeless in the Pittsburgh area. In October, a student from Mount Lebanon High School, just outside Pittsburgh, was suspended after dressing like a homeless man for a drama assignment. His behavior was so convincing, school officials did not recognize him.

"At one point, I think I said, `I might be a student here,'" and a school official responded, "No, you can't be. You look like you're 30 and you haven't showered in 10 days," senior Michael Bodomov, 17, said describing the incident.