Since Jennie Garth split from “Twilight” actor Peter Facinelli, the actress has publicly discussed their breakup.

In March, TMZ reported that Facinelli filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences." The pair, who was together for 17 years in total, have three daughters -- Luca, 14, Lola, 9, and Fiona, 5.

Since the divorce became public, unwelcome rumors about why their marriage ended led the two to issue a joint statement about their breakup.

"There are rumors out there which are completely untrue and hurtful to our family," the former couple said. "We just want to make it very clear—there are no third parties involved."

Barley a month after the split, Garth gave a tearful interview with PEOPLE where she shared details of their marriage and split.

Of dating again Garth said, “I can't imagine being with anyone else.” She also revealed that getting a divorce was not her decision and that she wanted to make the relationship work.

Since then, Facinelli has mostly remained mum on the demise of their relationship while Garth has discussed it on Today Show, Extra, and Ellen. She has said that in talking openly about the divorce, she hopes to help other women in a similar situation.

“It’s not something I’m dying to talk about but it’s something that’s going on in my life and I’m not ashamed to talk about it,” Garth told Ellen. “I think that by being open and honest with what I’m going through, maybe it helps somebody else. “

Garth also shared a post-divorce therapy session on her CMT reality show "Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country.”

"I think with any sort of rejection, you're angry that you weren't enough for that person," she said while in tears. "So I don't know if I'm angry at myself for not being enough, or if I'm angry at him for not considering me to be enough."

Recently, Garth appeared on the cover of PEOPLE to showcase her slender new figure and discuss how she shed what she calls "30 lbs. of dead weight."

Garth told the mag that she now considers the prospect of dating “weird and exciting.”

"Sometimes it feels awkward, and sometimes it feels really natural,” she said. "I just want to love and be loved."

The 40-year-old actress has been spotted on dates that some have argued are a ploy for publicity.

Celebitchy notes that Garth recently went on a date with businessman Jason Clark at a paparazzi hot spot. The site accuses the former “90210” star of tipping off the paparazzi about her romantic outing.

Prior to that, Garth was photographed on dates with two other men. Radar online reports that she has also been spotted out and about with HGTV star Antonio Ballatore and photographer Noah Abrams.

It can be argued that stars like Amy Poehler have adopted a more effective most-divorce presence in the public eye. Since her divorce from Will Arnett, the “Parks and Recreation” star has refrained from commenting on the split. Instead she has made talk and award show appearances unforgettable based on her personality alone.

By contrast, Seal recently accused Heidi Klum, who he split from in January after seven years of marriage, of having an affair with her bodyguard Martin Kirsten.

“I preferred Heidi would have showed a little bit more class and at least waited until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help,” the singer told TMZ in a video.

It’s fair to say that while Garth hasn’t engaged in any public slander of her ex-husband, she has certainly taken advantage of the added media attention.  

In April Facinelli broke his silence about the split while co-hosting Live with Kelly.

"It's very painful to break up with somebody especially after you've been together for 17 years and you have kids -- it's even more painful when it's played out in the media," Facinelli said, in what could potentially be construed as a dig against his ex-wife for her role in thrusting the breakup onto the cover of gossip rags. "I've tried to stay really quiet about it for the sake of my kids."

According to Showbiz Spy, there are rumors that the 38-year-old is now dating Jaimie Alexander, a 28-year-old actress.

Based on her latest interview with PEOPLE, Garth seems to be moving forward since the split.

"[2012] has been a bit of a rebirth for me as a person by shedding that negative space and all the pain associated with that time,” she said.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Garth is developing a sitcom with former “90210”co-star and longtime friend Luke Perry.