We know and love Jennifer Aniston for her sweet romantic comedy roles in light hearted, friendly films. Earlier this year she starred in Just Go With It alongside Adam Sandler. The rest of her resume consists of blithely, romantic fun, whether its appropriate for family night like Marley & Me with Owen Wilson or more suitable for girl's night with Love Happens. Regardless, Aniston's character and depth of acting has been reasonably predictable since her days as Rachel on the TV show Friends. However, her latest role as the a dirty dentist in Horrible Bosses left even the director shocked.

Her role as Dr. Julie Harris was described as foul mouthed and sexually explicit, by MTV news. Her co-stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Colin Farrell seem more than capable of tackling R-rated erotic humor--but what about our sweet Miss Aniston?

It wasn't a 'might.' There was never the word 'might' [involved in deciding to take the part], Aniston exclaimed. It was pretty much, 'How fast can I say yes? I will play this part. I'd never seen anything like this woman, and I couldn't imagine not doing it, Aniston explained.

She is typically cast for the same kind of roles in every film--sweet, everywoman, who is either married or looking for Mr. Right.This stuff never comes my way, she added.

Aniston is not the only one who desired a change in direction. Director Seth Gordon reached out to Aniston for the role in Horrible Bosses because he knew it was unlike her previous roles.I imagined her in that role the first time I read the script, and I can't explain why, but I just did, Gordon said. Obviously, I knew she was a great comedian, and I feel like I've always seen that she can do more than she's offered to do. A lot of stuff seems like a rehashing of Rachel in some way. Gordon was very pleased with the risk he took in casting Aniston, but it definitely seemed to pay off. In the her first scene, Aniston is performing a sexual activity on Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl. Everyone's jaws hit the floor, he recalled. You can imagine what it is like for her to say that, but when you first hear it, you are stunned. We just cackled. I definitely screwed up some takes when she was on set, because I would just burst out laughing and I couldn't help it. She's so funny.

Critics and fans alike appear to be pleased with Aniston's attempt to widen her range in this R-rated comedy.I found her irresistible to play. I mean, if you're going, go all the way. This woman is guilty as charged, Aniston said. Unfortunately, her life in adult comedy seems to be ending before it even begins. Her next film-- Wanderlust, with Paul Rudd is a romantic comedy...who would have guessed?


Horrible Bosses is currently in theatres.