Jennifer Aniston was rumored to be pregnant at the end of April, but it apparently was just a hoax. The former “Friends” star has been plagued with pregnancy rumors stemming back to her marriage with ex-husband Brad Pitt, but they’ve never been true. Since the actress has been engaged to actor Justin Theroux, the gossip over a baby hasn't subsided. Most recently, InTouch Weekly reported that the “We’re the Millers” star was four months pregnant with a baby girl.

“[Jen's] a little more than three-and-a-half months along and just found out the baby’s sex,” the source told the magazine, according to “It’s incredible news for the two of them. Just a few months ago they were on the brink of splitting.”

If the couple were truly expecting a baby, it would be the first for Aniston, 45, and Theroux, 42. The source said the Hollywood A-lister said the child was a “miracle baby” and that “she’d pretty much given up on conceiving naturally.”

The alleged word got out about her pregnancy after Aniston started showing signs on the set of her new movie "Cake," which also stars Anna Kendrick and Britt Robertson. The insider said Aniston was suffering from insomnia and constant nausea, which has left her exhausted.

“In early April, Jen called Justin crying from the set. She said she couldn’t stop throwing up. So he dropped everything, hopped on his bike, and drove over so he could personally deliver Jen’s favorite organic ginger ale to her,” a source from the set told In Touch Weekly.

But the report was fabricated, a different source told Us Weekly in early May. "I know that they would like to have a family if the time was right," the insider said. "At the moment they have been enjoying the engagement."

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