Well, that escalated quickly. The sight of moving trucks outside the home of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck has added fuel to rumors surrounding the famous couple’s relationship. Are they headed for a Hollywood heartbreak, or is there some other explanation?

Although the appearance of Wetzel & Sons Moving and Storage at the embattled couple’s doorstep looked suspicious, it seems their move is related more to home remodeling than to divorce court. Reports from Yahoo (via Entertainment Tonight) have confirmed with a source close to Affleck and Garner that the moving trucks' arrival was for a house project.

According to the owner of Giannetti Architects, the two stars "loved the work, so they called up to remodel some rooms." The company has worked previously on their Pacific Palisades, California, home. The vans were called in to move the furniture out of Affleck and Garner’s abode for the construction undertaking.

Questions about the couple’s relationship have come to light in recent weeks. Earlier rumors speculated as to whether the two were headed for a divorce. One source close to the Affleck family suggested Ben’s “workaholic” tendencies are putting a strain on the relationship, while his “many vices” chipped away at what was left. The Oscar winner will star in the upcoming DC Comics adaptation “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” The proposed time commitment, which any superhero franchise would require, may not have gone over well with Garner.

The “Argo” director has three children with the “Felicity” actress: Violet, 9; Seraphina, 6; and Sam, 3. The pair were seen with their three kids last week in neighboring Brentwood, California, and at Violet’s school. According to ET Online, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner will celebrate their 10th anniversary on June 29. Maybe the home project will turn out for the perfect excuse for a romantic vacation getaway. Happily ever after, right Hollywood?