Amid rumors about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's reconciliation, reports continue to swirl about the ex-couple having another baby. According to a report by National Enquirer, Garner is pregnant with Affleck's child after the two spent a “four-day trip to romantic Paris, where they were spotted kissing in a hotel bar.”

The report claims that Garner is trying to trap Affleck into marriage with the pregnancy news. A source told National Enquirer that the former couple is expected to soon make the pregnancy news public. Garner and Affleck announced last year that they will end their 10-year marriage but did not reveal a specific reason behind the split.

“Jen has played Ben like a fiddle,” the source reportedly said, adding that Garner “always wanted another child with him,” despite their split. Garner and Affleck have three children — Violet , 10, Seraphina , 7, and Samuel , 4. “It’s been Jen’s plan all along to keep [Affleck] guessing, then hit him with the news she’s pregnant," the source told National Enquirer.

However, Gossip Cop debunked the report saying that Garner is not pregnant.

Over the last few weeks, several reports have claimed that Garner is expecting her fourth child with Affleck. Last week, Radar Online reported that the actress was spotted sporting a supposed baby bump.

In December, reports claimed that Affleck was on the verge of an emotional breakdown over his activities in the past that led to his split with Garner, following which the 43-year-old actress decided to delay her divorce. But Us Weekly reported that their main motive to spend time together was for the sake of their children.