After Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced they were divorcing, the former couple has been the topic of gossip. An addition to the latest rumor is that Garner was getting Botox to get Affleck back.

Star magazine reported that Garner “may be succumbing to the pressures of staying relevant in Hollywood” because she has a “startling new look.” The report stated that the 43-year-old actress “appeared to have the smooth, frozen brow of a recent Botox recipient.” Furthermore, the magazine reported that Garner “has resorted to drastic measures” because she’s “nursing a rocky relationship” with Affleck. “Jen is on a mission to look picture perfect,” a source reportedly told the magazine.

However, gossip debunking website Gossip Cop reported that Garner was not getting Botox in order to save her marriage with Affleck. An insider close to Garner told the website that the report was “not true.”

Another rumor surrounding Affleck and Garner was that the two were planning to adopt twins to get back together. “[Garner and Affleck] want to be one big, hopefully happy family under one roof, and give some orphans a chance at a better life as well,” a source reportedly told National Enquirer. Garner and Affleck agreed that “focusing on their children will help them [Garner and Affleck] piece together their marriage,” the source added.

But the rumor was dismissed by Gossip Cop, quoting a source close to the two as saying the report was “not true.” Garner and Affleck even laughed off the rumor, the insider reportedly added.