Jennifer Lopez recently posted a sexy photo on Instagram and encouraged her millions of followers to “love” themselves.

In the snap, the 47-year-old actress is wearing a one-piece black swimsuit, showing off all her curves while kneeling on a bed. The “Shades of Blue” actress also used empowering hashtags related to having a healthy mind and body.

Earlier this year, Lopez shared her secret to maintaining a toned and sexy figure during an interview with Us Weekly. According to the singer, she only drinks a 90-calorie chocolate shake by the Body Lad for breakfast. “I do it with quinoa, milk or water,” she said. For lunch, Lopez eats vegetables and salmon. And for dinner, the singer/actress eats quinoa combined with any source of protein. “It feels like rice and beans, which I grew up with. And I like pork and chicken – especially Puerto Rican style!” she said.

Aside from her healthy diet, Lopez also tries her best to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. If she doesn't, the actress just won’t be in the zone for the entire day. The “Ain’t Your Mama” singer also makes it a point to complete her exercise routine in the morning. “I don’t like doing it later; it’s harder to get there when I have my day going already. I work out three or four times a week,” she said.

In other news, Lopez will reprise her role as Harlee Santos in the hit NBC TV series “Shades of Blue” starting next year. However, the official release date for Season 2, episode 1 hasn’t been confirmed yet. If it will follow the schedule for Season 1, “Shades of Blue” Season 2 may premiere on Jan. 12. At present, Lopez and her co-stars are still filming in New York City.