Being 40-years old hasn’t stopped model Jenny McCarthy from gracing her toned, sexy body on the covers of magazines.

She was widely praised for her stint with Playboy magazine earlier this year, and now the blonde beauty has done it again, by flaunting her abs on the cover of Shape magazine.

McCarthy was even kind enough to explain to readers one of her secrets on keeping so lean and trim. She cites eating a “soup diet” to help keep her goddess body in shape.

“I make a ton of nutritious ones, like butternut squash and vegetable. When I want to drop 5 pounds quickly, I eat them for every meal for about 10 days."

But everyone knows looking great isn’t just about the diet, and McCarthy was kind enough to enlighten readers about her workout routine in the January/February edition of Shape.

"I get to work out about five days a week and I really change it because I would lose my mind if I did the same thing over and over again. If I only have two minutes, I have a go to workout and that is lunges, sit-ups and push- ups."

Although the model explained she cut down on cigarettes and coffee, she still has her vices.

"Chinese food and pizza! There's this place in Chicago called Giordano's which has the best deep-dish pizza in the world. It's my therapist, my best friend, and my boyfriend on Friday nights,” McCarthy told Shape.

Then she joked about her favorite sweet indulgence to Shape:

“The one food splurge that I can’t live without is my chocolate milkshake. Don’t get me diamonds just get me a chocolate milkshake.”

She must be doing something right though, this is the second time the model has appeared on the cover of Shape, and she told the mag she felt “honored” to have been chosen again. The first time was in 2009.

“This is my second time doing Shape. I feel really honored because I’m turning 40 next week. And if they asked me to be on the cover, that means I’m doing something right.”