Jeremy Lin is the talk of the sports world, has the highest selling jersey in the NBA and has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated for two straight weeks.

Now, Lin's fame has been taken to a new level.

He has his own ice cream flavor.

Ben & Jerry's has begun selling an ice cream flavor called Taste the Lin-Sanity.

The ice cream can be purchased only at the company's Harvard Square shop in Massachusetts and is being sold for a limited time.

The ice cream contains vanilla frozen yogurt and lychee honey swirls, with a fresh waffle cookie on the side. Instead of a waffle cookie, the dessert originally had pieces of a fortune cookie.

The company said the change was made primarily because the fortune cookie became soggy when mixed with the ice cream. Ryan Midden, Ben and Jerry's general manager in Boston, did say there was an initial backlash and some people were offended by having a fortune cookie in the food.

The popularity of the Knicks point guard began to grow after he scored 25 points off the bench against the Nets on Feb. 4th.